Alabaster Fetish


Alabaster Carved Fetish Necklace 152 grams, 16 1/2″, 2″

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Hand carved multi fetish alabaster necklace. A fetish is a Native American carving believed to have special powers. Many Native American tribes create and use fetishes of which the most renowed fetish carvers are the Zuni tribe. A Zuni fetish or wemaw, is a carved object of an animal or revered god. This Necklace has armadillo, buffalo, bear, horse, roadrunner, bear,frog. Each fetish is about 26mm x 16mm. The center of this necklace has a bear and buffalo fetishes. The albaster fetishes are white, molded cream and light brown with turquoise and black onyx eyes. Sterling Silver cone and hook and eye closure.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.75 in
Made By

Native American

Hand Crafted



Albaster, pen shell heshi, sterling silver, black onyx and turquoise


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