Antler Bone Fetish


Hand carved antler bone multi animal fetish necklace. 71 grams, 19″, 2″

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Hand carved multi fetish antler bone necklace. A fetish is a Native American carving believed to have special powers. Many Native American tribes create and use fetishes of which the most renowed fetish carvers are the Zuni tribe. A Zuni fetish or wemawe, is a craved object of an animal or revered god. This fetish necklace has buffalo, fox, bird, crow, ram, frog, fish, bear, turkey, armadillo, squirrel, duck, rabbit. Center standing Bear is 52mm x 18mm. The eyes are black onyx.

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Weight 2.504451298 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.75 in
Made By

Native American

Hand Crafted



Antler Bone, Cotton


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