Holy Water Font Crucifix


Holy Water Font Crucifix 169 grams, 8 7/8″, 6 3/16″


Holy Water Font with ornamented crucifix. This Exquisite decorative back plate crucifix with enamel four way medals depicting the images of four different medals. Saint Chistopher, the Miraculous Mary, Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph. The cross is simply a symbol while the crucifix bears the corpose of christ. The INRI is enameled in blue. The acronym INRI represents the Latin inscription(Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, this inscription is over Christ”s head at the Crucifixion). The bowl has a beautifully handcrafted edge and the crosse backplate has ornate filigree edging, and natural patina. This piece is hallmarked and is a must have for collectors. The back has a circle hanging loop. The place of origin is European.

Additional information

Dimensions 121.2 × 121.2 × 6 in
Hallmarked By

Valles. 925.Stamp

Made By


Hand Crafted



Sterling Silver, Enameling


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